I've worked on this for a few months using a few webpages, but mostly old New Musical Expresses and Mersey Beats. It's separated by year, and then by month for the busy years. Someday I may separate them out more. It's a work in progress. If anyone has anything to add or correct please email: schatzicrabtree@yahoo.com

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Gerrys Datebook 1940
Oct 23- Frederick Marsden born in Liverpool.
Dec 27- Leslie Charles Maguire born in Wallsey. Attends Goresdale School.

Sept 24- Gerard Marsden born in Liverpool.

May 11- John Leslie Chadwick born in Liverpool.

Fred enters Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Liverpool.

Gerry enrolled at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Liverpool.

Gerry joins the Boy Scouts with Fred. (7th Toxteth Group)

Fred enters St Francis Xavier School.

Chad enters Liverpool Institute High School for Boys.

Gerry?s group plays at Liverpool Pavilion Theatre.

Chad gets 1st guitar for birthday.
Leslie takes a job at a cabinet works.

1958-59 (?)
Leslie takes a job selling sheet music at a department store.

Chad finishes at Liverpool Institute. Best subjects are maths and English. Gets job at Garston branch of Liverpool Savings Bank. Meets Gerry, Fred, and Arthur Mahon. Supposedly, Gerry hears about Chad at The Grapes.

May 10- Audition at The Wyvern Social Club with The Silver Beetles.
June 6- Grosvenor Ballroom, Liscard.
Oct 5- G&P DEBUT at the Cavern! (Did you know that phone number for the Cavern was CENtral 1591?)
Nov 16- Cavern with Cass and the Cassanovas.

Early in the year, they record for Leach Organization.
Early in the year, they travel to Hamburg.
Feb 21- Cavern lunchtime.
Feb 21- Cassanova Club. "Rock Rock and More Rock!"
Mar 6- Liverpool Jazz Society Lunch, then night session.
Mar 7- Cassanova Club.
Mar 8- Cavern.
Mar 11- Liverpool Jazz Society. All Night Rock Ball.
Mar 15- Cavern lunchtime. Liverpool Jazz Society in eve. W/Rory Storm and the Wild Ones.
May- Leslie Maguire has joined the Pacemakers. Reportedly, Les met the band at The Grapes pub. Replaces Arthur Mack Mahon, who had left to get married. Les plays saxophone in those early days.
June- Recorded for Troubadour Records. You'll Never Walk Alone and What'd I Say(?) Is this the same session with Sam Leach?
July 3- Cavern with Kenny Ball's Jazzmen.
July 17- Cavern lunch.
July 25- Cavern.
July 26- Cavern.
July 29- Leave for Hamburg.
Sept 4- First appearance at The Cavern after returning from Hamburg.(?)
Sept 5- Cavern Club
Sept 6- Cavern Club
Sept 8- Cavern Club
Sept 12- Cavern Club
Sept 16- Cavern evening
Sept 18- Cavern lunchtime
Sept 20-Cavern lunchtime
Sept 21- Litherland Town Hall
Sept 22- Cavern lunchtime
Sept 19- Cavern evening
Sept 23- Cavern evening
Oct 10- Cavern evening
Oct 13- Cavern evening
Oct 17- Cavern evening
Oct 19- Beatmakers; Impromptu session with Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Beatles jamming together. Litherland Town Hall.
Nov 10- Operation Big Beat 1. Tower Ballroom. Also; the Beatles, Rory Storm, Kingsize Taylor, Remo 4.
Nov 24- Operation Big Beat 2. Tower Ballroom.
Dec 8- Davy Jones Show at Tower Ballroom. Gerry and the Pacemakers play, also Beatles, Rory Storm, Remo 4, Earl Preston and the T.T.s
Dec 12- Cavern.
Dec 19- Cavern.
Dec 22- Cavern.
Dec 23- Cavern.
Dec 27- Les?s 20th birthday. Cavern Club
Dec 30- Cavern.

Jan 2- Cavern
Jan 10- Cavern
Jan 13- Cavern
Jan 16- Cavern
Feb 3- Cavern
Feb 20- Floral Hall, Southport.
Feb 24- Cavern evening
Feb 28- Cavern evening
Mar 2- Cavern evening
Mar 6- Cavern evening
Mar 23- Cavern
Mar 28- Cavern.
Apr 6- Beatles Farewell Ball @ Tower Ballroom.
May 5- Cavern. Farewell to G&P before they leave for Hamburg.
May ??-Star-Club, Hamburg. W/Gene Vincent and Tony Sheridan.
Aug 1- Cavern evening
Aug 3to6- Grafton Ballroom w/ the Beatles, Big Three
Aug 9- 3 weeks (?) at Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead
Aug 30- Riverpark Ballroom, Chester
Sep 7- Cavern.
Sep 11- Cavern.
Sep 14- Operation Big Beat 5. With the Beatles, Rory Storm, Billy J Kramer and Dakotas, 4 Jays, Merseybeats.
Sep 21- Cavern lunchtime and evening
Sep 24- Cavern lunchtime
Sep 29- Cavern evening
Dec 1- Arrive home from Germany, London airport. Gerry tries to evade paying duty on guitar bought in Germany(?)
Dec 5- Cavern.
Dec 12- Cavern

Jan 7- Cavern. Jan 20 or 22- Abbey Road, record How Do You Do It Away from You and maybe others. A version of Pretend was recorded or considered today. 22 Jan is the most common date, and sessions took place between 2:30 and 5:30pm.
Mar 3- Cavern. (Their first record was just released.
Mar 7- Mersey Beat Showcase 1 w/ Beatles, Big Three, and Billy J Kramer and Dakotas. Elizabethan Ballrooom, Nottingham.
Mar 22- Cavern. Mar 29-Cavern evening sessions.
Apr 9- Gaumont State Cinema Ballroom, London Kilburn.
Apr 19- Mersey Beat Showcase 2. Kings Hall, Stoke-On Trent.
Apr 24- Abbey Road, recording I Like It and It's Happened To Me(?). Hello Little Girl recorded as well, and neither it nor I Like It released. That night they play at the Majestic Ballroom in London Finsbury Park in Mersey Beat Showcase 3.
Apr 25- Abbey Road. I Like It and It's Happened to Me recorded (?). This version of I Like It is the one we hear today. They play the same night in Mersey Beat Showcase 4, Fairfield Hall Ballroom.
May 1- Abbey Road, recording Pretend.
May 17- Tower Ballroom May- second week- Pops For Everyone Show at Albert Hall, London.
May 18- Slough Granada
May 19- Hanley Gaumont
May 20- Southampton Gaumont
May 22- Ipswich Gaumont
May 23- Nottingham Odeon
May 24- Walthamstow Granada
May 25- Sheffield City Hall
May 26- Liverpool Empire
May 27- Cardiff Capitol
May 28- Worcester Gaumont
May 29- York Rialto
May 30- Manchester Odeon
May 31- Southend Odeon
June 1- Tooting Granada
June 2- Brighton Hippodrome
June 3- Woolwich Granada
June 4- Birmingham Town Hall
June 5- Leeds Odeon
June 7- Glasgow Odeon
June 8- Newcastle City Hall
June 9- Blackburn King George's Hall
June 13- Gerry and the Pacemakers Ltd is incorporated.
June 14- Mersey Beat Showcase 5, Tower Ballroom.
June 16- Odeon Cinema, Romford.
July 2- Abbey Road, recording You?ll Never Walk Alone.
July 3- Cavern. Last date I have found for the Cavern, as they were now chart-toppers and probably fulfilling older contract. Probably wouldn't go to the Cavern again until they filmed Ferry 'Cross The Mersey scenes here.
July 17- Abbey Road, recording Hello Little Girl. Song would not be released until the 1990s on a CD.
July 19- Band appears on cover of TV Times.
July 22 to July 27- Tour to start and end at Odeon Cinema, Weston-super-Mare with the Beatles and Roy Orbison.
Aug 1- Abbey Road, recording It?s All Right.
Aug 6-Grafton Ballroom.
Mid Aug- 12 day break except for the Beat Boat show.
Aug 18- Beat Boat. All day concert aboard the MV Royal Sovereign from London to Margate and back. Also on bill are Freddie and the Dreamers, Hollies, Billy J Kramer and Dakotas.
Aug 26to27(or 29)- Concerts at Odeon Cinema, Southport.
Aug 30- Announcement of G&P in Babes in the Woods Christmas Show.
Sep 2- Radio Show Side by Side.
Sep 3- Abbey Road, recording You're The Reason.
Sep 19- Pre-recorded in A Swingin' Time TV show in Birmingham.
Oct 1- Brian Epstein writes to the Glasgow Record and Mail to inform the public that Gerry's first two singles were NOT written by Lennon/McCartney.
Oct 4- Lewisham Odeon.
Nov- How Do You Like It LP released in UK.
Nov 11- Epstein meets Ed Sullivan in NYC and negotiates G&P and Beatles for shows.
Nov 18- Dockland Settlements Ball. Princess Margaret in audience.
Dec ?- Leslie Maguire marries his German girlfriend.
Secret wedding, but NME reports it to public near end of December.
Dec 9- Abbey Road, recording I'm The One and You?ve Got What I Like. Some sources say Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying also recorded today.
Dec 13- Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Party after at Brian Epstein's. Band?s parents attend.
Dec 24- Start of pantomime in Babes in the Woods at the Gaumont in Henley.
Dec ?- You?ll Never Walk Alone EP released in UK.

Jan 4- Band guests on TWW-TV's Discs A Gogo.
Jan 15- On Top of the Pops.
Jan 22- On Top of the Pops.
Jan 29- On Top of the Pops (repeat)
Jan 24- NEMS announces it is moving to Sutherland House, Argyll St, London.
Jan 25(?)- Gerry interviewed for NME. Mentions he saw Cleopatra a few days prior and the previous week his brakes went out on East Lancashire Rd and almost had an accident.
Jan ?- Band travels to Paris to see the Beatles.
Feb ?- I'm The One EP released in UK.
Feb 5- On Top of the Pops (repeat)
Feb 8- Start of British Tour. Nottingham Odeon.
Feb 9- Liverpool Empire
Feb 10- Wolverhampton Gaumont
Feb 11- Gloucester ABC
Feb 12-Cardiff Capitol Theatre
Feb 13- Exeter ABC
Feb 14- Plymouth ABC
Feb 15- Winter Gardens Bournemouth
Feb 16- Brighton Hippodrome
Feb 18- Chesterfield ABC
Feb 19- Carlisle ABC
Feb 20- Glasgow Odeon (Band plays joke on Ben E King who thinks he needs special pass to enter Scotland, or else sing to gain entry.)
Feb 21- Stockton Globe
Feb 22- Newcastle City Hall
Feb 23- Scarborough Futurist
Feb 25- Bedford Granada
Feb 26- Cleethorpes ABC
Feb 27- Doncaster Gaumont
Feb 28- Gerry appears on Juke Box Jury. They record on From Us To You, a tribute to Brian Epstein. Band plays at the ABC in Northampton.
Feb 29- East Ham Granada
Mar 1- Leicester De Montfort Hall
Mar 7- 1st Issue of Gerry and the Pacemakers Monthly Magazine published.
Mar 9- Start of week at Birmingham Hippodrome.
Mar 20- Abbey Road, recording Show Me That You Care. Photos of session appear in monthly magazine #3. Some sources have Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying recorded today instead of earlier.
Mar 28- Concert with Sounds Incorporated at Oxford New.
Mar 30- 10am to noon, From Us To You broadcast. Also, they record at Abbey Road, songs unknown. Were to record earlier but they were suffering from effects of vaccinations necessary prior to Australian tour.
Apr 2- Arrive at Sydney airport.
Apr 4- Appear on Thank Your Lucky Stars TV show. (Prerecorded)
Apr 5- Gerry subject of This is Their Life TV show.
Apr 15- On Top of the Pops (repeat)
Apr 20- Brisbane. Stay at Lennon's Hotel
Apr 22- Arrive home from Australian tour with Brian Poole and the Tremeloes and Dusty Springfield. Also on Top of the Pops.
Apr 23 to 24- Concerts in Montreaux at the Golden Rose.
Apr 26- NME concert, Empire Pool, Wembley.
Apr 29- Top of the Pops
May 1- Fly to USA, Pan Am flight 101, leave London at 11am. Murray the K on board. Arrive NY 1:35pm Eastern time. Stay at Americana Hotel, 18th floor. Rehearsal for Sullivan Show. Interviewed on WINS radio station, Swingin' Soiree program.
May 2- Sightseeing in NY. Central Park, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, Empire State Bldg, etc Peppermint Lounge that evening.
May 3- CBS Studios at 9:45am. Filmed an appearance on Sullivan and then stayed for the live appearance. Party that eve at hotel.
May 4- Sightseeing trip to Coney Island. Phone interviews with DJs from around the country. Gerry gets a personal karate show.
May 5- Interviews, photo sessions, radio station visits. Evening party at Delmonico for Leslie Gore?s 21st birthday. Later the band goes to the Metropole on Broadway for jazz music.
May 6- NY World's Fair trip in the day, at night they go to the Copacabana with Murry and Jackie the K to see Sammy Davis Jr?s show.
May 7- Fly to Canada for show in Toronto's Eaton Auditorium
May 8- Fly to Montreal for show at the ice stadium. Shop in afternoon. Gerry buys baseball, glove, and bat. Game in hotel late at night!
May 9- Fly to NY. Another unscheduled Sullivan show rehearsal. Trip to Springfield Massachusetts for evening show.
May 10- Shopping, Chad buys more photo equipment. Another Sullivan show (I Like It and Don't Let the Sun..) Liverpool Football Club player in audience after Gerry wrangles tickets for them.
May 11- Chad?s 21st birthday. Pan Am flight 100 to London. Arrives at 9:30pm. Greeted by Cilla Black and Billy J Kramer. Travel to Euston Station for train to Liverpool.
May 15- Gerry and the Pacemakers Films Ltd incorporated.
May 16- Blackpool for 8 days of shows.
May 26- Abbey Road, recording It's Gonna Be Allright.
May 27- Abbey Road, recording Ferry 'Cross The Mersey.?
May 28- Abbey Road, recording I'll Wait For You.
Jun 7- Prince of Wales Theatre.
Jun 8- Epstein announces Gerry and the Pacemakers will have their own Christmas Show.
Jun Second Week- Filming is to begin for Ferry Cross the Mersey movie.
Jun 25-31(?) ? Paris. Break in filming?
July- Filming(?) Chad later says they went to London first to do indoor scenes for about 6 weeks on a soundstage, then came back up to Liverpool for exteriors. Filmed at Speke Hall, Locarno Ballroom, Manchester Airport, Albert Dock, Hessy?s Music Store, and on board the Royal Iris ferry. In one scene, Chad plays bass on a harp. Actor playing the butler thought Chad actually played a harp in the band! He also confessed that he kept falling off his scooter, and when the band was given scooters as a gift from the company, he gave his away because he had a hard time staying on. I suppose Clumsy Chad would be a good name...
Sep 28- Abbey Road, recording You You You.
Oct 28 & 29- Band in California to appear in the T.A.M.I. Show alongside Chuck Berry. They are shown playing cards and sleeping in filmed intro to show.
Oct ?- Live recordings from show this month were released on Gerry in California EP. They also most likely taped the Nov 4 Shindig as they were in California at the time.
Nov ?- Tour with Gene Pitney and the Kinks. Marianne Faithfull was to have appeared also but pulled out due to illness.
Nov 4- Seen on US TV?s Shindig performing I Like It, How Do You Do It, and Shot of Rhythm and Blues.
Nov 10- Abbey Road, recording I?ll Be There.
Dec 4- Beat Club, German TV show, performing My Babe, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, and Ferry. Also appearing are the Rattles and Mushroams (sic). Dec 6 (?)- A source gives this as date of premiere in UK of Ferry ?Cross the Mersey. New Victoria Cinema, London.
Dec 19- Shepperton Studios to record batch of shows for Hullabaloo London segment of American show Hullabaloo.
Dec ?- Gerry's Christmas Cracker Show

Jan ?- Glasgow Jan ?- London premiere of Ferry 'Cross The Mersey. Jan 12- Appear on Hullabaloo London segment of US show Hullabaloo. Jan 14- Appeared on US TV?s Shindig. Taped sometime earlier in London. Jan 24- Liverpool premiere of Ferry ?Cross the Mersey. Odeon Cinema, on aid of Variety Club of Great Britain. Was the London premiere really a month before Liverpool's? Jan 28- Concert at Discotheque, Coventry.
Also, sometime in Jan or Feb, they are on Top of the Pops, and I'm still trying to figure out what was so fascinating on the floor that Gerry and Chad keep looking at. Chad acts as if he's scooting something around with his foot and gets so involved he doesn't notice the camera on him, then laughs when he does.
Feb ?- Gerry in California EP released.
Mar ?- Ferry EP released.
Mar 17- Band on Rediffusion's "Search For A Star" contest.
Apr ?- Tour of US begins.
Apr 11- Ed Sullivan show to perform Ferry, Why Oh Why, and It's Gonna Be Allright.
May 11- At the Capitol Records Studio in NYC to record Give All Your Love To Me. Appear on Ed Sullivan where they perform Ferry 'Cross the Mersey, Why Oh Why and It's Gonna Be Allright.
Jun ?- Rip It Up EP released.
Jun 3- Taping of Shindig, US pop music show. They play a medley with the Everly Brothers, Gerry gets thumped on head with guitar, general live craziness. Chad is missing! Show aired in US Jun 16.
June 5- Chad marries Joan Graham at St Luke's in West Derby.
June 19- Shivaree, US show, airs. They performed Ferry and It's Gonna Be Allright. Show taped sometime earlier, probably a week or so before air date. Chad is also absent from this show, probably due to his marriage this month.
Jul 6- Announcement of Brian Epstein's Evening of Popular Music with G&P, Manfred Mann, Kinks.
Jul 25- CBS repeats Sullivan show from Apr 11.
Aug 2- Epstein announces that they will be in pantomime Cinderella.
Aug 29- Airdate for Ed Sullivan Show, where they perform I Like It, I'm The One and You?ll Never Walk Alone. Shows usually live or taped a day or two in advance.
Sep 16- Taping of Shindig. Aired Oct 2 on US TV.
Sep 21- Abbey Road, recording Walk Hand in Hand and Dreams.
Oct 11- Gerry marries long time girlfriend and fan club secretary Pauline Behan at St. Mary's Church, Woolton, Liverpool.
Dec 21- Abbey Road, recording La La La.
Dec 23- Shindig appearance. This is AIR date, not taping date.
Dec 27- Leslie?s 24th birthday. Start of Cinderella at Gaumont Cinema in Southampton for three weeks.
Dec 30- Shindig appearance. This is AIR date, not taping date.

Feb 13- Party at Brian Epstein?s London flat on Chapel Street. Others include Cilla Black, John and Cynthia Lennon, Ringo and Maureen Starr, Paul McCartney, and Peter Asher.
May 20- Where the Action Is (US TV show) with Gerry and the Pacemakers is broadcast. Their performance of Ferry ?Cross the Mersey is filmed earlier in England. Perhaps much earlier judging by the coats they wear on the outdoor set. The word Action plastered to Les?s piano/organ.
Jun 2- Abbey Road recording Girl on a Swing.
Jul 5- Appeared on filmed/televised show at the Hippodrome (?) doing I?m The One. Taped or live?
Sep ?- Abbey Road, to record Fool to Myself.
Mar 27 to Apr 1- Week of shows with Fats Domino and the Bee Gees at the Saville Theatre. 1st show filmed for a US State Department feature.
May 8- NEMS announces that Gerry and the Pacemakers will split within two months.
May 13- NME announces the breakup. Mentions that the Pacemakers will leave the music business altogether.
May- It is announced in NME that Gerry will head the UK team at the European Song Contest at Knokke. This is not Eurovision, the singers are judged more on singing than the song itself.
Dec 7- Article in New Musical Express where Gerry addresses previous week's comments by Mickie Most. I don't have Mickie's comments, but something he erroneously said about the band and/or breakup prompted Gerry to retaliate with his version of the story.
Can't find anything more about the band as a whole. Gerry Marsden has solo singing career and is performing in cabaret in London.
Leslie Maguire eventually joins Royal Navy. He is stationed in Scotland, then moves back to the Liverpool/Wallasey area. Recognized at party in Liverpool by an acquaintance; he?s flattered and surprised. Suffered a heart attack around 2002, and partly blames their diet in the 60s, when they lived on chips, pizzas, and junk food.

Freddie Marsden never picked up his drumsticks again, and once joked that he got rid of them altogether because they were taking too much space in his garage! Lives in Formby, in the same house he bought at height of fame, with wife Margaret. Has a son, Ashley, and a daughter, Sara Jane. Runs or did run the Pacemaker School of Motoring. Suffered a heart attack in 2003, and died in Dec of 2006.

Leslie Chadwick moved to Sydney Australia in the early 80s. One source has him moving in the late 60s but I?m not sure. Apparently ran or still runs an employment agency. I have emailed him with no response. Heartbreaker...

And Gerry continued to tour with new Pacemakers into the new millennium. I saw him on stage at the Reelinandarockin' Show in March of 2003. Still grinning from ear to ear. Had preventative heart surgery in fall of 2003, recovered, and I thought he had quit touring but was wrong. He is still on the circuit entertaining people! Was given the MBE in summer of 2003 for his work with charities.
It's been great fun writing this, and I think it will constantly expand as I find details. Too bad the era was so short, for bands like G&P the fun only seemed to last 2 or 3 years before they were labeled out-of-date. Gerry and the Pacemakers, Freddie and the Dreamers, all gave way to the drug-years, and music wouldn't be fun for a very, very long time. Perhaps it has never been this much fun again. I never had as much fun doing the Slide or Hustle as I did as a (square) teen doing the Twist or any of the bizarre dances we made up.
Thanks, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Brian Poole, and Freddie and the Dreamers for fun like we'll never see again. I for one am never hanging up my white Courreges boots!
Other than Hello Little Girl and a few studio outtakes and comments during recording, Abbey Road, EMI, Columbia, or whoever has the masters has not released any material. Fans would love to hear alternate versions, songs never released (we know Gerry and Chad wrote many songs), studio outtakes and bloopers, etc. A CD called Unearthed Merseybeat was released, with one song by G&P, What?d I Say, which is perhaps from the Leach sessions in 1961. They did three songs that day, so surely someone could let us hear more. We have Beatles outtakes up the wazoo. Other bands have priceless studio chatter and alternates as well. Brian Poole told me personally that they kept laughing during the recording of Well Who's That? because they changed the lyrics to naughtier ones! I think these studios owe it to fans to release this stuff.

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