* means I have this clip/show

I am always looking to trade/buy videos!

* Beat Club Ė Dec 4 1965 Dizzy, My Babe, Ferry
Beat Club ?- Another Beat Club may have been filmed with only one song
*Beat City- 1964 BBC TV Show about Liverpool
*Ed Sullivan May 3 1964- Iím The One, Donít Let the SunÖ Live
Ed Sullivan May 10 1964- I Like It, Donít Let The Sun..Taped 1 Week Earlier
Ed Sullivan Apr 11 1965- Ferry, Itís Gonna Be Allright, Why Oh Why
Ed Sullivan August 29 1965- I Like It, Iím The One, Youíll Never Walk Alone
Hippodrome TV Show- July 5 1966 Iím The One
*Hullabaloo (Taped in London) Jan 12 1965 Iíll Be There, Itís Gonna Be Allright
*NME Poll Winners Concert 1964
Ready Steady Go! Nov 22 1963.
Ready Steady Go! ?? 1965- Ferry, My Babe, Why Oh Why, Itís Gonna BeÖ
*Shindig Nov 4 1964- They perform I Like It while on a horse-drawn carriage, and are wearing light colored suits and bowler hats, which they toss into the audience mid-song. Girls in audience have signs with Gerry's photo reading "Gerry's The Coolest." They also perform A Shot of Rhythm and Blues, and Gerry does I Like It at a mock barber shop surrounded by the dancers. Over the credits they are seen dancing at the end with the rest of the cast, Fred and Chad are doing some funky arm dance!
Shindig (taped in London?)
Jan 20 1965- Donít Let The Sun.., Dizzy Lizzie. I only have the Sun clip.
*Shindig June 16 1965 (taped June 3) With the Everly Brothers. I donít have the entire show. Chad is missing as he had to be back in Liverpool for his wedding.
*Shindig Oct 2 1965 (taped Sep 16)- Ferry Cross The Mersey
*Shindig Dec 23, 1965 (taped in the UK)Ė Jambalaya. Les looks like he's the only one having fun!
*Shindig Dec 30 1965 (this might be a repeat of an earlier clip, definitely NOT filmed in December. Could have been taped as early as September or August). Ferry Cross The Mersey
Shivaree ?? 1965 Ferry, Itís Gonna Be Allright. Chad is missing so it is most likely from late May-early June.
*TAMI Show Oct 28-29 1964 With Chuck Berry
*Where The Action Is- May 20 1966 (taped in England) Ferry Cross The Mersey
Thank Your Lucky Stars- On Merseyside I Ė June 29 1963
*Thank Your Lucky Stars- On Merseyside II -Dec 21 1963
Theyíve Sold A Million- Oct 30 1963- Interviewed by Alan Freeman.
Top Of The Pops- Jan 15 1964, Jan 22 1964, Jan 29 1964, Feb 5 1964, Apr 15 1964, Apr 22 1964, Apr 29 1964, Feb 1965, almost certainly more, canít find other dates.

I also have the following unidentified clips:

How Do You Do It performed live, looks like sometime in 1964;
A TOTP with Ferry Cross The Mersey. Judging by the songs on the chart board itís probably from Feb 1965. Gerry and Chad keep looking at something on the floor;
and the 3 songs from Beat City also appear on a Ready Steady GO! Compilation I have. They appear to be playing at a large venue, but songs are lip-synched. Donít have date or location, probably late 1963.

Brian Poole and the Tremeloes on the same TOTP with G&P, Jan 29 1964 and Feb 5 1964 (repeat) with a video of Candy Man.

Shindig June 16 1965 apparently has Gerry and ďanother PacemakerĒ singing along with another performer. I havenít seen this to verify it. Anyone have this whole episode?

I also would like to know which other (if any) of the Shindig clips were filmed in England.

I am desperately seeking any color TV shows/footage of any type. Please email me at

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